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This page provides a summary of research results for NBC Sports’s photographic coverage of the  final game of the NCAA March Madness tournament.


imgresDuring the 2013 NCAA Championship, NBC Sports covered the game on their website nbcsports.msnbc.com.   The majority of photos published by NBC Sports featured game play and action shots — a decision that would seem to be the standard for sports outlets, but post-game celebrations and coverage of fans attracted almost equal amounts of coverage by some news outlets.

Overall, researchers pinned* 42 photos from NBC Sports the night of and day after the NCAA Championship.  In addition, NBC Sports also posted photos to Facebook — some of which were taken by one of their reporters on an iPhone. (Most of the pictures published there came from other outlets such as Associate Press and Getty Images.)  Those pictures that were taken postgame centered on Louisville’s celebration.


Most of the pictures pinned from NBC Sports depicted gameplay– NBC Sports

  • The website posted more images of Louisville than Michigan. Over 45 percent of the images showed just Louisville players or figures, while another 30 percent pictured members of both teams.
  • NBC posted more photos of Louisville’s Peyton Siva than any other player.
  • Researchers found only one picture focusing on a fan in attendance.
celebration 1

NBC Sports also posted post game images, most of which showed Louisville’s celebration. – NBC Sports

(Click here to see NBC Sports photos that researchers pinned to Pinterest.)

These images from NBC Sports are a sampling of its photo coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Clicking a photo links to the Pinterest board of that photo.

Focus of NBC Sports‘ Photo Coverage during the NCAA Championship

nbc ncaa

Most of the pictures researchers pinned from NBC Sports depicted gameplay or time on the court.

  • The majority of NCAA Championship photos from NBC Sports captured the players in action and on the court 
  • Researchers posted to Pinterest a sizable minority of photos of Louisville players celebrating post game, and an almost equal number of photos of the sidelines and the pre-game. 

PINTEREST: Researchers had little trouble pinning photos from the nbcsports.msnbc.com  website.  The site allowed photos from the main pages as well as  slideshows to be pinned. There were a few videos posted, however, that researchers were unable to pin, which may not have given viewers of the visual coverage via Pinterest the full NCAA experience. Researchers were unable to pin pictures from the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

CONTEXT: NBC, the National Broadcasting Company, is an American commercial broadcasting television network headquartered in the GE Building in New York City’s Rockefeller Center. NBC was founded in 1926 by the Radio Corporation of America and was sold to General Electric (GE) in 1986. The network is a part of the larger media company NBCUniversal, which is a subset of Comcast. Comcast owns 51 percent and GE has 49 percent of NBCUniversal, which is the result of a 2013 joint venture.

NBC Sports Network is a cable sports channel that was launched in 1995 as the Outdoor Life Network. It was re-branded in 2006 as Versus, and finally became NBC Sports Network in 2012 following the beginning of the Comcast venture.  All of its programming, except for Football Night in America, is broadcast out of Stamford, Connecticut. From nbcnews.com (the main NBC website), the sports tab leads  to nbcsports.msnbc.com (the NBC Sports division).

NB: Researchers applied the same collection methodology for all the news outlets studied. It is likely that the researchers on this survey did not collect every photograph published, and, on occasion, certain photographs that could be viewed were not collectible by Pinterest. The total number of photographs studied, therefore, should be understood to be representative of those published on the news outlets, not an absolute set of all photographs published on all sites.
It is fair to note, however, that the number of photographs of either game collected for any given site is a rough indication of the commitment of that site to photographically covering that specific game.